Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Myst as creative writing prompt

CNN profiles Tim Ryland's efforts in using Myst as a prompt for creative writing in his English classes. I love hearing about alternative uses of games... though it doesn't sound as though Mr. Ryland is using the game aspect of Myst as much as the immersive environment created for the game. It speaks to the power of the gaming environment in educational uses. I suspect being heralded in CNN is enough of a kudo for Mr. Ryland that my own "thumbs up" is meaningless... none-the-less... "Thumbs Up Mr. Ryland!"

Though his website doesn't seem to give details about his Myst approach (The CNN article does a nice job)... he does have a very fun talking caricature of himself on the website and an x-ray of his innards which explains his musical belches.


At 9:32 PM, Blogger CC said...

Myst is particularly well-suited to this idea, with its ideas of "linking books" and the fact that creative writing literally creates worlds in the fictional Myst universe. The power of the written word is a common theme throughout the series.


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