Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Measuring Learning in Games

Sande Chen and David Michael do a nice job of highlighting the issues related to assessment in the Gamasutra feature, Proof of Learning. They discuss challenges inherent in learning assessment. Calling on Jim Brazells, thoughts,

"That isn't to say that game designers already know everything there is to know about testing and other pedagogical methods. Nor are we saying that traditional testing methods have no place in a game environment. Instead, both game designers and educational professionals need to work together in developing serious games as a new teaching tool"

While I applaud game developers and academics working together in evaluation, I also encourage academics working as game developers. This is why we've placed so much emphasis on assessment in our own Learning Games Initiative, developing the Learning Games Lab as a place specifically for the types of assessment that can lead to effective educational game development and assessment.
It is exciting to see assessment, something many of us feel is the greatest challenge in learning games, come to the forefront of discussion. It is such a large field, we all stand to benefit from open discussion and sharing of findings and strategies. Kudos to Gamasutra and the authors for addressing it and calling for additional information.


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