Monday, April 10, 2006

Teenagers Losing Interest in Video Games, Says Survey

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Piper Jaffray has announced the results of its 11th bi-annual proprietary research survey on teen spending habits and retail brand perceptions, titled "Taking Stock With Teens", which dealt with fashion and technology but also video game-related questions for North American teenagers.

Senior Retail Analyst Jeff Klinefelter, along with a team of senior research analysts conducted mall research field trips with approximately 700 teens from 12 high schools in nine states across the country and Canada. Additionally, the team surveyed another 1,235 students across the country through a partnership with the national DECA organization in an online survey.

With particular reference to video games, results of the survey point out that 81 percent of surveyed student households have at least one video game platform, and 59 percent of students state that they are occasional game players (playing at least monthly).

Interestingly, almost 80 percent of teens indicated that they intend to spend less time playing video games in 2006 and nearly 70 percent indicated that their interest in playing video games is decreasing.

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