Sunday, January 08, 2006

Health Aspects of Game Research

As we begin our "moving through gameplay" project (hey... could that be a good name?), it is clear to me that we must include some exercise physiologists. I have some concerns about the health of our subjects... for example, we make our game consultant kids take their shoes off before using the mats... are we putting them at risk for shin splints? Should we require cool down and warm up before using? When we were just looking at it as game play, my biggest concern was using a big fan to lesson the smell of sweaty pre-teens... now that we're looking at it as exercise, I think we have bigger responsibilities.

I'm also interested in the health of any "older" participants. I really want to do a research study with placing DDRs in offices and see if we have an increase in health in our workers at the U. Is this kind of exercise the best for them? I guess we'd better get some experts ;-)


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