Wednesday, June 08, 2005

What can educators learn from each other?

In my last post, I proposed a few things educational game designers can learn from professional game designers and called for attention to development of games (in addition to academic discourse on the role or results of educational games).

There is a lot of great discussion going now in the academic communities regarding games. When it comes to developing games, there are still few reports on 'lessons learned'. The truth is... educators are developing games... and we're succeeding and failing in different aspects among the way.

Here's what I'm hoping to learn and share regarding game development.
  • What is the best way to assess learning from games?
  • What is the best way to collect data on game evaluation by players? We're experimenting with blogging by game players, video diaries, creating movies of game play with narration by the player, and others.
  • How do we successfully use game players as game designers? We're developing a team of game play consultants (ages 12-14)... how do we balance using 'seasoned' consultants (those who know the vocabulary and have worked with us before) with using 'fresh' faces (those who have not been corrupted by being analytical of games)?
  • How do we integrate our learning goals with those imposed by standardized testing?
  • What roles do we use in development? What do our design teams look like?
  • How do we fund our efforts?
  • How do we document our process, preventing mistakes in future projects?


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