Thursday, January 05, 2006

How else can we get gamers moving?

I've been paying special attention to creative ways to put input into games... something that goes beyond a simple joystick, controller or keyboard. We seem to be on the cusp of a lot of really great innovations. The DDR dance pad was the first great "step" (oooh... bad pun, I realize) in getting game players up and moving. However, we have yet to see any great commercial games using the controller for something *other* than gaming (which is why we're exploring that).

I'd really like to see a dance pad used for non-dance or rhythm-based games... something where the compelling game play is compelling game play, and the pad is just what you use to navigate and move within the game. (My hope is that would get the gamer who is self conscious about moving using the game... this type of gamer may never do DDR because of performance anxiety).

My new favorite game, Guitar Hero, does an outstanding job replicating the experience of playing a guitar, because the game comes with a guitar-shaped controller that you play. It has really started us thinking about other ways to get gamers "moving".

Currently, the input tools seem to be the DDR pad, the camera (eye cam for consoles, for example). I have big hopes for the new Nintendo controller as well.

Coming soon to the online gaming environment is picture-cam-based basketball. I look forward to testing this in the lab and seeing if it really gets gamers moving.


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