Monday, November 07, 2005

Full body interaction for games

Particularly as we do work with games for obesity prevention, many of us have yearned to really take advantage of full body interface design... game play that makes the player Move to MOVE. DDR comes close... but has just not really been taken advantage of in game design. (There are 8 ways to move in a DDR pad, with combo steps as well... why are they only used to dance? They can be used to hop, skip and jump and would be great for an adventure game... I dunno...).

But, we are getting closer. Thanks to the Ludology Blog for highlighting Andrew Hieronymi's "Move". It's an interesting physical environment demanding physical activity of the user. Not only would this kind of movement be a step forward (ha ha ha) in obesity prevention, the kinesthetic nature would make any game play more absorbing.

I can't wait to see this kind of interaction in game design.


At 4:51 PM, Blogger CC said...

Yeah, one no-brainer for the dance mat would be a Dragon's Lair type game. The challenge there, of course, is that DDR is very challenging because it's a constant stream of motion. To scale that back to allow you to actually pay attention to what's going on onscreen would necessarily require less motion, which translates into less exercise for the kids in the end. But if it gets kids that don't particularly like DDR moving at all, then maybe it's a good trade-off...


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