Wednesday, May 18, 2005

High Tech High Albuquerque

We are seeing many magnet programs and charter schools redefining public education. How does this group feel about such an intensive technology program such as this, rather than a broader based approach to learning? Our lab will allow us to study the technology kids are using in a concentrated short amount of time. Are these schools something we should be looking at for studies and or structure as we began to shape our lab and efforts?

High Tech High Albuquerque
High Tech High Albuquerque is a small public charter high school that seeks a diverse student population and provides a rigorous academic curriculum that rivals the best programs in the country. High Tech High Albuquerque is a college preparatory program emphasizing:

Project-based learning
• Multidisciplinary study
• Emphasis on math, science, and technology
• Socratic practice
• Team approach
• Concurrent enrollment
• Internships for all students
• Close linkages to higher education and industry


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