Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Catch! Touch! Yoshi!

I just stumbled upon this description of Nintendo's new DS game Yoshi's Touch and Go or, as it is known in Japan, Catch! Touch! Yoshi!. It sounds like it has some interesting game mechanics, such as using a stylus to draw things into the environment and a microphone to blow things out of it:
...The first half will involve Baby Mario vertically falling from the sky, and the latter will be a horizontal ride on Yoshi's back across familiar but repetitive scenery...the player has little to no actual control over the main characters: in the first half, your stylus will draw clouds, push coins and circle enemies in cute little bubbles, and upon Yoshi's back you'll be drawing climbable mountains and shooting eggs. Tapping Yoshi will make him do him trademark jump and hover, and blowing on the screen (via the mic) will dissipate the clouds, but it's in the manipulation of his surroundings that the game makes its mark. Practically everything can be moved, trapped and pushed: enemies trapped in your circles can be thrown around the screen...


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